Thursday 14 December 2017
“I cannot prevent the French from being French.” - Charles de Gaulle

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    Politicizing terror: terrorism and the 2017 presidential race
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    Regional elections and the anti-Muslim backlash
    Politics in a time of war?
    A right-wing landslide but no far-right tsunami: the departmental election run-off
    The Front national is not France’s first party
    What to expect in next month’s French departmental elections
    Departmentals 2015: the new French elections no-one seems to care about
    Beta-testing social-liberalism 2.0
    France’s new earthquake election? The FN in the European elections

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    Jocelyn Evans [@JocelynAJEvans] is Professor of Politics at the University of Leeds

    Gilles Ivaldi is a CNRS researcher in political science based at the University of Nice



    - Forecasting the FN vote in Second-Order elections (updated 12 May 2014)

    - Forecasting the FN vote in Second-Order elections (Jan. 2014)

    - Polling scores by polling type (CATI v CAWI) (updated 20 April 2012)

    - Estimating Marine Le Pen's vote in the 2012 presidentials: an experiment (November 2011)

    - Data for the 2011 expert forecast survey (in CSV file)



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